24 12 2009

I just want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! I hope everyone is safe and gets everything they wished for.

As for the Rimando’s, our holiday plans started this morning. Mommy and Benny stayed home as Jett and I headed to the stadium to workout. He likes jumping off all the wood blocks, playing with the medicine balls, and running around the gym. Afterwards, we stopped by Costco for some much needed diapers and goods for the home. Later tonight, it’s off to our friend’s house for dinner, then its home to get ready for X-Mas.

Since Jett can’t read, I’ll share a couple of gifts we got him… trucks, dinosaurs, and choo-choo’s (trains). Thats what he’s been into lately so I’m sure he’ll love everything!  My Christmas came early with the birth of my beautiful Benny Rose that we are so happy about, but I’m pretty sure Santa might bring me something cause I’ve been good this year. On Christmas morning, we’ll wake up, open presents, eat tamales & eggs, then head down to my sister-in-laws house to open more gifts. The rest of the day will involve a lot of relaxing and quality time with the family.

Again, I hope everyone enjoys their holidays as we all bring in a great New Year. It’s going to be tough to have a year like we just did, but I promise come the new year, we’re going to be ready to keep the CUP where it belongs….at Rio Tinto.



22 12 2009

Hey guys!  TODAY, I will be at the RSL Team Store from 5-6pm signing atuographs and taking pictures!  You can pick up your Nick Is My Homeboy shirts and hoodies then.  There are a limited number of hoodies available so make sure to get there early! These make great Christmas gifts!

I will be giving away a pair of signed goalie gloves to the 18th person who buys a NIMH shirt or hoodie.  I will also be giving away a 2nd pair of gloves to another numbered shopper that’s secret. If you can’t make it, then make sure to visit the online NIMH store!

The RSL Team Store is located on the NE side of the stadium at 9256 S. State St. in Sandy.  Make sure to come down and say hey!


21 12 2009

Hey guys, the Nick Is My Homeboy Online Store is now up and running!  Click on the picture on this picture of me that’s on the right side of the blog that has me yelling “VISIT THE STORE,” and that will redirect you.  Right now, t-shirts and hoodies are available so go pick yours up!

Also, come visit me tomorrow at the Real Salt Lake Team Store from 5pm to 6pm, where I will be signing atuographs and taking pictures.  You can pick up your Nick Is My Homeboy clothing there at that time as well.  I will have t-shirts and a limited number of hoodies available for sale.  See you all then!


21 12 2009

Happy Holidays! I wanted to let you know that Andy Williams’ wife, Marcia, is cancer free! The gift of life is more special than any gift anyone can ask for. Please still remember to keep the Williams family in your thoughts and prayers over this holiday season.

Tomorrow from 5pm-6pm, come see me at the Real Salt Lake Team Store where I will be signing autographs and taking pictures. If you don’t have your Nick Is My Homeboy shirt yet, make sure to stop by tomorrow. Supplies are limited so it is first-come, first-served! The RSL Team Store is located at 9256 S. State St. on the northeast side of Rio Tinto Stadium. See you then!!!

Papa Rimando’s New Tattoo

20 12 2009

My pops came to town for my daughter Benny’s birth and got this RAD tattoo that represents each time I have won the MLS Cup. As you can see, there’s plenty of room for 2010 on the top.


20 12 2009

I just wanted to share with you all, one of my favorite songs from The Clash called “Police and Thieves.” They are one of the most well-known bands from London who really started Punk back in the 70’s and was led by a complete Legend, Mr. Joe Strummer. To be honest, I’ve always known of The Clash but didn’t really listen to much of their music, but as of recent, really understand why they are one of the best bands EVER!!!!

Below is a video clip of them for you to check out!

Benny Rose

17 12 2009

We had a beautiful and healthy GIRL yesterday morning. Her name is Benny Rose and she weighed 6.14 lbs and measured 20.5 inches. Jacqui and Benny are doing great and I still am in ahh that I have a baby girl. Lovin it!!!!! I was able to give her a bath and trying to be oh so gentle and just hold her all day and night. Both of our parents flew in from California and were able to share this special moment with us as well as help with Jett who isn’t aloud in the hospital due to all the H1N1 going around. We can’t wait to go home so they can meet;) Thanks to everyone for their support and prayers.