Nick Rimando is a So-Cal native who started playing soccer before he could tie his own shoes.  Although his childhood dreams of becoming a rock star didn’t work out, Rimando has become one of the most feared goalies in the MLS. When he’s not on the field blocking PK’s or saving goals, Nick can be found eating at one of his favorite Salt Lake City restaurants, hitting up concerts, and spending time with his wife, Jacqui, and two year-old son, Jett.  He’s not planning to hang up his goalie gloves anytime soon, but Nick hopes to someday coach a new generation of soccer players. Nick would also like to turn his love of music and passion for bands like Rancid, Ben Harper, and Rise Against into a career in the music industry.

After being named California’s High School Player of the Year during his senior season at Montclair High School, Nick led UCLA to a national championship his freshman year.  Following his junior season as a Bruin, he was drafted by the Miami Fusion in 2000. In 2004, he helped DC United win the MLS Cup.  Nick was later welcomed to Salt Lake City in 2007, and over the past three years, he’s helped turn a fledgling franchise into one of the most popular events in town.  Today, Real Salt Lake often plays to a sold-out Rio Tinto Stadium, and many of the fans can be heard chanting Nick’s name.

The highlight of Nick’s eight-year career in the MLS has been helping Real Salt Lake make their way from underdogs to MLS Cup champions.  Sports Illustrated listed his red-hot performance as a crucial component of the team’s success against the L.A. Galaxy.

“Not only did the blue-clad Rimando explode off his line like a 5’9” SuperSmurf to save penalties by L.A.’s Edson Buddle and Jovan Kirovski, but he also won a high-stakes mental battle with Galaxy star Landon Donovan, who launched his spot kick over the crossbar,” Grant Wahl wrote in the November 30, 2009 issue.

In addition to gearing up for the 2010 season, Nick plans to spend the off-season hitting the slopes, visiting his family and friends in Montclair, Calif., also commonly referred to as the “909”, and creating an indoor soccer facility in Salt Lake City called The Grounds.  The Rimandos plan to wrap up an exciting year with one more big event, when they welcome their second child this month.


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5 12 2009
Braedon nick rimando is a rolemodel to me

hey nick when is the indoor place gonna be set up me and my team are gonna sign up first thing cant wait so stoked on it

5 12 2009

my son is 6 and loves being a keeper. any pointers?

8 12 2009

hey i am a keeper i know you were looking for pointers from nick but one thing i gotta say is tell him to play his heart out and always try to improve his game no matter what try to get good keeper training they no what they are saying i have been playing with my team forever and then this year my club had a shortage of keepers and the keeper ahead didnt want to do it they asked me and i said yes and so i proved my self to them i always put everything on the field i have played a year up and 2 years up in the premier divisions for the age group up i had 6 pks on me and i blocked all 6 and that proved the coach of my age group to know i was better then his keeper and i should be on the higher team well they got second to last place and didnt do so good i played in eveygame and we lost 1 and tied once the age group above me i played with them twice won both games and went to a college showcase just for fun and some one from the east coast saw me and liked me so i al i want to say is that tell your son to put everything out on the field when he plagys maybe ;ater when he is serious about the game and always try to improve yourself after every game either tape it or you tytell him what he did wrong but just have him improve something he needs to work on because for me it ha helped so much and right now im moving up every soccer practice i go to and im working out so hard and trying to get and stay in shape

9 12 2009

Braedon- Good Job! Keepers are hard to come-by, especially GOOD ONES! Good luck with everything and thanks for the advice- will definitely tell my son.

6 12 2009
Janicka Bentz

Nick you are my hero!! I’m a goalie and you have imspired me too become better! I know being a goalie hurts because one of my games, my hand needed stitches like you because someone decided to step on my hand and she got red carded out! you are the best!
~janicka bentz

6 12 2009

Congratulations Nick…
Everyone has said it… but… i gotta say thanks… RSL has been… since their beginning… a staple in my life… to get to be in Seattle and watch you guys win after a five year roller coaster meant a great deal to me and my friends… you were there when i got Real Salt Lake preeminently inked into my skin as sign of my dedication as a fan… and it was not done in vain… I wear it proudly… so thanks Nicky…

8 12 2009

Hey Nick, you made the Section 26ers up here in Missoula, MT proud. You have always been so kind when we have run into you, at stop lights downtown salt lake to security lines at Denver International Airport. My girlfriend and I hold you in the highest regards. We cant wait for next season.


14 01 2010
marlea lacy (stone)

hey nick,
i was trying to get ahold of greard solorazano or coach sanchez. and i stumbled across ur page. wow dude u made it. thats so sick! ur boy is totaly cute! im still in so cal (san bernardino). u better remember me from mo hi! i helped out w/ football and soccer! hope ur parents r good! they were awsome! im super happy for u, i always knew u had it!!!
ur new/old homey,
marlea lacy(stone)

4 02 2010

Ey Nicky you’re the super best i hope you && the rest of the team will have a great season && the best parties ever lol so just wishing you the best like always xoxo

12 02 2010

Montclair? nice I went to ab miller class of 1996.

23 02 2010

Nick, as a Salt Lake County resident, I’m very happy you see to like it here. I know you may get traded to another team or get a contract in another country at some point in your career, but I’m silently hoping that doesn’t happen. We need you in the net.
By the way, I think RSL’s MLS Cup win may light a fire under Landon Donovan. He’s been having a great year, but he’s come up second twice in the last 12 months. (Confederations Cup and MLS Cup)
You know he wants to win the World Cup more than anything and not come in second yet again.

13 03 2010

Omg so like i was like just stopping by to say hi and leave some love for this page and then i totally remembered i totally miss the team tell robbie F i said hi and i cant wait to go to the games i mizz them so much Mr Nicky

8 04 2010
Domonique Holloway

Yo What up Nick. Its your boy. Im Back at the Mo High Teaching. Ive been trying to catch up with you for the longest. Should of got your contact info when I saw you on the plane in Az a few years back. Get at me when you could. I want to def catch a match when you play Galaxy. Peace

18 05 2010
kim possible

You are amazing!!! Best keeper in the MLS!!!! You are super cute and keep RSL going!!! Keep is up! You rule!


30 06 2010

Hey Nick I am 13 years old and i am a goalie to and i want to meat you so bad you are my idol i watch yoiur moves and practice i think yoiu are the best goalie ever i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Linzee:)

28 09 2010

Hey Nick i live in Montclair and I’m an 8th grader at Serrano middle school, remember Mr. Schroeder your P.E teacher well he is my P.E teacher now and he wishes to tell you he is proud of you, anyway I’ve playing soccer since i was 5 years old, and I need some advice from a great soccer player like you. Hope you write back soon and good luck in your next game.

6 10 2010
Dr. Marlon Rimando

Hi Nick,

My 8 year old son and I would be interested in meeting you at your upcoming game vs. the Red Bulls this Saturday 10/9.

He has been playing soccer since he was 6 yrs old and was excited to learn that someone with the same last name plays in the MLS.

We are curious to learn if we are related because there is a unique story to the Rimando family name.

Best regards,


13 10 2010

Nick, You are an inspiration to under-6-foot goalkeepers everywhere! Tell us how you made it in American futbol where everyone else is over 6 foot.

My son is a great GK but always told “too short”!

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