30 04 2010

Hey guys, one of my favorite restaurants Pinon is going to start repping both Real Salt Lake and Nick Is My Homeboy.  Pinon, a great neighborhood restaurant, has always treated me extremely well since I started eating there.

Every time I come in, I get my sandwich on sourdough bread… they know I am coming in every gameday and even make sure that they have my specific type of bread set aside if they start to run low.

One time when my wife went in to order the sandwich for me, Victoria the owner, told her that’s not what I usually got and changed the order for me to make sure I got taken care of.

From now on, the entire staff will be wearing NIMH shirts on every RSL gameday.  Now, anyone who comes in wearing either NIMH or RSL attire, will get a 5% off discount on their sandwich.

Also, every time I go in for lunch, I get The Cobb sandwich… Well, now they are renaming The Cobb to The Rimando.

Make sure you guys hit up Pinon and on gamedays… just make sure you’re wearing RSL or NIMH gear!  Maybe I will even see you there!



26 04 2010

Hey guys,here is a quick video of a photo shoot I recently did with Inked Magazine at Rio Tinto Stadium.  The pictures will be in the June/July issue this summer so make sure to check them out.


22 04 2010

From now until the end of May, send in a photo of your soccer team just like we take before each match wearing your NIMH shirt, and you’ll be put into a drawing to win a free training session coached by me.  I will then have part of the training session recorded and will put it up on my blog shortly after.  To email in your team’s photo, send it to, and to snag a shirt if you don’t already have one, check them out on my store by clicking the image on the right side of the blog!

Here are the rules:

– All 11+ players must have on a NIMH shirt
– Pictures must be sent in by May 31st to
– Every team that participates will be sent stickers in return
– The winner will be drawn June 1st and have part of their training session recorded and put up on the blog
– The winning teams goalie will also recieve a signed pair of gloves


20 04 2010

Hey guys, make sure that you check out the new Skullcandy NBA Mix Masters!  If you don’t have a pair of Skullcandy headphones yet, you’re missing out!  If you have got some and love them, then maybe you need to pick yourself up another pair.

From SkullcandyBorn from the vision of the legendary Mix Master Mike, the NBA Mix Master has been refined, designed, developed and tested over 18 months. We have forged the greatest professional DJ headphone ever.

These one-of-a-kind NBA Mix Masters are too hot to keep a lid on, so we’ve made 100 of each style and numbered them. They’ll drop in select Apple stores and on April 20th. Get yours before the buzzer.


17 04 2010

Hey guys, make sure you check out the May issue of Outside Magazine.  It features Robbie Findley and shot his feature when we were in town training with the national team last January.

I don’t know about you, but I think that Robbie needs to go back to his Air Force Ones and LRG gear.

Make sure that you all check us out tonight at 8:30 on FSC when we take on the Galaxy in LA.  If you don’t get that channel with your cable package, you can hit up the watch party at The Rail downtown.

If you wear RSL or NIMH gear, you get in free!


16 04 2010

Hey guys, check out the pictures below which were shot during the RSL vs. Seattle match last Saturday by Dave Brewer.  To check out more of his stuff, go to


14 04 2010

Hey guys, just wanted to give you a look at the new ring.  What do you think?