25 06 2010

Come hang with me Saturday as I team up with both Dick and Dixie’s and Budweiser, ” The GREAT American Lager,” for the USA vs Ghana World Cup game.

The Round of 16 is here and World Cup fever is as strong as ever in Salt Lake City, so pop into Dick and Dixie’s early to find a good seat and take advantage of the $2.50 Budweiser tall boys being served all day.

It came down to the final moments of the match on Wednesday morning to determine who would advance out of Group C, but with the courage, strength, and determination, the U.S. won Group C with 5 pts with England coming in 2nd.

The round of 16 will present a rematch from the 2006 World Cup when Ghana eliminated USA 2-1 with controversial pk call. This year, Ghana came in 2nd in their group in a very tough group with Serbia, Germany, so this game definitely won’t be a cake walk.

After serving a one game suspension, Robbie Findley is back and available to play in this do-or-die match, so wear your #10 Real jersey or any USA gear you have and lets gain the respect from the world we deserve.

Dick N’ Dixie’s is located at 479 East 300 South in Salt Lake City.



25 06 2010

So, I had to write something about this since I love seeing the respect and reactions of USA, World Cup, and soccer fans here in the states.

I know you have all seen this video by now with the powers of Facebook, but it still blows my mind and I get the chills every time I see it. Landon’s over time goal that put the US through to the round of 16 is surely to go down in history.

I was home on the edge of my couch frustrated and thinking of all the bad breaks we took during the first 2 games, and how a referee can single handedly crush a country. Then, in stoppage time, a fantastic throw from Timmy Howard to a breaking Landon, created a dangerous cross from Jozy that made the Gk of Algeria make a good save that wasn’t enough, keeping 80% of bars and homes in the U.S. going absolutely NUTS when LD put in the winner.

My wife, babysitter, and I went crazy as our kids looked at us like we were nuts ourselves. It feels like yesterday when I got my first taste of what the World Cup was about.

I can recall every Spanish channel covering the Mexico ‘86 games as my family watched. Even though I didn’t understand,  I would cheer for any goal and didn’t care who won. Now, I find myself glued to the TV in the morning and watching every news and ESPN highlight that comes on the entire day.

Ten years ago, I would of never thought soccer would get this much coverage, but with the growth of the sport in the states and the accomplishments of the U.S. Soccer Team, I can now understand what they are saying on the TV and know why I’m cheering for my country.

Soccer in America is here to stay and is only going to get better.


16 06 2010

ME: Congrats on making the final squad for the World Cup!  How does that feel?

ROBBIE: It’s a good feeling!  I’ve been working really hard to get where I’m at and I’m thankful for the opportunity.

ME: You’re one of only four players to make the squad who are playing in MLS… There was no doubt in my mind and our teammates minds that you were gonna make it.  How’s it feel to represent RSL on the world level?

ROBBIE: I can’t complain. RSL has come a long way since they came to the MLS and have been through some tough times. My teammates and the coaching staff are a big reason why I was able to make the squad.

ME: So, there’s a nice bonus coming your way.  Any plans on how your gonna use it?

ROBBIE: Haven’t thought too much about it yet… Maybe take my RSL teammates out for some dinner.

ME: Pablo’s been training hard and is even thinking of getting a fresh line up, but still doesn’t have your blazing speed.  Any advice?

ROBBIE: The fresh line up just doesn’t work for everybody… Haha.

ME: Any words to the fans and teammates?

ROBBIE: I’ve been getting a lot of support from fans and teammates and I really appreciate it! To my teammates, keep playing like we know how to play.

ME: You were still able to make it to the White House since you were going to miss the trip with us.  How was it meeting Obama?

ROBBIE: It was a cool experience.  You see him all over television and to actually shake his hand was something I won’t forget.

ME: We’re all proud of you and going to miss you but we wish you the best of luck in South Africa.  Represent, my friend.


15 06 2010

So as you saw on my video, I have some game day habits, and now I am asking all of you HOMEBOY fans to join me in a new habit. VOTE DAILY FOR MY FRIENDS AT HEART 2 HOME!

We have worked with Heart 2 Home Foundation and they’re now entered into a contest that if they win can make some big changes for families and children here in Utah. Having already made the finals, the prize of $100,000 is in reach with all of your help.

I know you have seen or heard of them… They are the Utah Home Makeover group that work with families that have been through some very tough times. Heart 2 Home will either knock their homes completely down and rebuild, or refurbish as they did for Stacey Hansen so he could come home to his house after the Trolley Square shooting and adjust to his new way of life in a wheelchair.

Their latest families include the Grove’s who had their home condemned by black mold and sick children, as well as the Kuester’s who lost their daughter from Swine Flu and had their home burn down just two weeks later.

Pretty amazing what this foundation has done for these families and the difference these homes have made in their lives. They have some great ideas that would help more than just one family if this win became a reality.

To vote, go to and click on Mountain Region. You can vote daily, and after winning, we can all volunteer on this amazing project and show again why Utah has the best MLS Fans in the league.


9 06 2010

Hey guys, today in Carnival Real prior to the Real Salt Lake vs. LA Galaxy match, you can pick up the NEW Nick Is My Homeboy skate deck.  They will be at my boy Kyle Beckerman’s KB5 booth on the east lawn of Rio Tinto Stadium until kick-off and are going for just $40.  I only have 8 left, so make sure you get there early if you want to snag one.

These look rad signed by the team with a silver marker or just skate to skate them.

Also, I will have some NIMH red and black shirts if you still need to buy one. There’s going to be youth sizes available as well for the small homeboy fans. The shirts go for only $15.

The LA Galaxy come into Rio Tinto Stadium tonight undefeated on the season.  We are looking to deliver them their first loss, so we definitely need all of your support tonight to pull it off.

They have some great offensive weapons and a solid back line, but RTS is one of the toughest stadiums in the league to play at.  Since we moved to RTS in 2008, we have only lost two games and you guys play a big part in that.

Kick-off is at 7pm and tickets are going quick!  I hope to see you all out there tonight and make sure you swing by the KB5 booth in Carnival Real to pick up your NIMH gear!


5 06 2010

Once in a while people ask me questions about my game day routine, so I thought that I would give you all a little insight.

This video gives you guys an inside look at what I do every game day… where and what I eat, hanging out with my family, locker room action, and more.

Tonight, we are on the road taking on my old club DC United.  It’s always fun to come back to a place where I lived and played at for a number of years. I have so many memories, both good and bad, but that’s what makes me the player and person I am today.

I don’t care what sport you play, whenever you leave a club, get traded, or move on and return to play that club, you do whatever it takes to get a result. Tonight, that’s exactly what you’ll see from me and my teammates as we take on DC United at RFK.

What better way to go back to The Riot with 3 more points in our pockets to square off against the Galaxy.

Tonight, tune in at 7:30pm (ET) and catch the 2nd game in 4 days against DC. They took the first match in the Open Cup, but now it’s our turn.

Also, don’t forget to come out to Rio Tinto Stadium Wednesday as we battle the undefeated LA Galaxy. It’s the last match to catch before the World Cup break, so come strong as it’s sure to be a good one… and even some dude from American Idol will be there for a concert after the game.


4 06 2010

Real Salt Lake team and front office in the White House today to meet President Obama… check it out.  More pictures to come…