1 08 2010



26 07 2010

Well, All-Star week has officially begun. We got in yesterday evening and just hung out at the hotel.  At dinner, I introduced both Javi and Olave to Benihanas who were going for their first time, and needless to say, their plates didn’t need a washing.

This morning, we had a light training in the morning that consisted of some 5 vs. 2 games, some jogging, and light shooting. After practice, we grabbed  lunch and everyone had their own individual appearances to go to. I had to do an All-Star press conference with Dominic Kinner and Schetto.  Later on, we were joined by Ryan giggs and Sir Alex Fergusson.

The appearance was followed by a quick nap and then it was off to my VW appearance to play and interact with the kids at a local park in Houston.

Now it’s finally dinner and off to the All-Star Kick-Off party. Thanks again for all your votes! I can’t wait til Wednesday when we take on Manchester United.  Make sure that you all tune in!


23 07 2010

The shirts are in!  I made a limited amount of these shirts so make sure to stop by Carnival Real to pick yours up. The booth will be on the east side of Carnival Real.  Carnival Real starts at 6pm and will run till kick-off at 8pm.

Thanks for all of your votes that helped send me to Houston for the 2010 All-Star game!  I’m stoked for the chance to represent Real Salt Lake and play against EPL powerhouse Manchester United.  You can pick up the shirts for just $20 a piece while they last, but once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Also, if you pick up a “100 shirt” or an “All-Star shirt,” you can get a Nick Is My Homeboy shirt for just $10.

If you guys don’t already have tickets, hurry and snag them now.  Less than 300 tickets remain for tomorrow night’s match against Chivas USA.


19 07 2010

It’s not the First XI, but it’s the all-star team that gets to compete against one of the biggest teams in the world and I’ll take it!

It’s been 10 years since my last all-star game and hopefully it doesn’t take another 10 to get back there.  I’ve worked so hard my whole career for my team and when your team does well, your individual players get rewarded. This does not come unless we as a team perform game-in and game-out.

I don’t have a big name like a lot of people in this league, so to make this team is a credit to my teammates and coaches here at Real Salt Lake. I can name 11 players on RSL that deserve this accomplishment and I’m sure everyone on our team will say the same thing.

Kyle, Javi, Olave, and myself will take a great deal of pride in representing Real Salt Lake, our teammates that got us here, and most importantly you the FANS!  This is such an honor and privilege and I will do my best to make you all proud. THANK YOU for all of your votes and believing in me and RSL.

Now, to the 2nd half of the season!


16 07 2010

I consider myself lucky, if not spoiled, that my typical June morning consisted of watching the World Cup with my wife, kids, and a nice hot cup of coffee. I didn’t think that I’d miss the World Cup this bad… but YES, it’s definitely a bummer knowing that when I wake up, I know I’m going to see Dora and Diego figure something out with the help from her backpack, instead of seeing the world’s most talented soccer players competing in the biggest sporting event that comes around every four years.

However, I don’t miss seeing teams and players suffer from the worst referring I’ve ever seen at a World Cup. With the way things were going for England before half-time against Germany, Lampard’s goal could have very well been a turning point in that match.

This wasn’t the only game where the refs made bad calls though.  As we all saw, the U.S. got stiffed multiple times, only to put it behind them and advance to the round of 16! I do wish that we could have made it a bit further, but I’m happy with the boys’ performance and fight in every game.

The Ghana-Uruguay game was depressing to see the Ghana squad play with everything they had and eventually lose to a team that had luck on their side.  A last minute PK determined the fate of their country… Ghana was 1 kick and 1 hand ball away from being a World Cup semi-finalist.

I was disappointed with a couple of teams and players that I was excited to see… like France and Italy, who are stacked with an all-star cast of players and couldn’t even get out of their group. I also wanted to see the Wayne Rooney we all know and love from the English Premier League, but things weren’t clicking there either. I was stoked for Nelly ( Ryan Nelson) and New Zealand who were the only undefeated team in South Africa.

Even though Argentina did pretty well before getting killed by the Germans, I wanted to see Messi shine like he does at Camp Nou.

The eventual champions, Spain, had a list of players on the bench that could have easily started, but the one guy I wanted to do well couldn’t find his form… Torres slowly faded out of the picture with Mr. David Villa banging the back of the nets.

You all probably know that I wanted the Netherlands to win because my wife was born there and still has ties, but I was happy to see a first time winner with Spain. As a goalkeeper, you love to see a GK with courage, lead his team to a world title and that’s exactly what Iker did.

Despite all the ‘VERY BAD’ goalkeeping in the World Cup, Casillas was the most consistent and entertaining GK throughout the tournament, not to mention his beautiful girlfriend on the sidelines. So, as much as I would have liked the Dutch to have won… congrats, Spain.


15 07 2010

In honor of one of the best bands out there right now and their show on Monday at USANA, here’s one of my favorite songs from KOL, “KNOCKED UP.”


25 06 2010

Come hang with me Saturday as I team up with both Dick and Dixie’s and Budweiser, ” The GREAT American Lager,” for the USA vs Ghana World Cup game.

The Round of 16 is here and World Cup fever is as strong as ever in Salt Lake City, so pop into Dick and Dixie’s early to find a good seat and take advantage of the $2.50 Budweiser tall boys being served all day.

It came down to the final moments of the match on Wednesday morning to determine who would advance out of Group C, but with the courage, strength, and determination, the U.S. won Group C with 5 pts with England coming in 2nd.

The round of 16 will present a rematch from the 2006 World Cup when Ghana eliminated USA 2-1 with controversial pk call. This year, Ghana came in 2nd in their group in a very tough group with Serbia, Germany, so this game definitely won’t be a cake walk.

After serving a one game suspension, Robbie Findley is back and available to play in this do-or-die match, so wear your #10 Real jersey or any USA gear you have and lets gain the respect from the world we deserve.

Dick N’ Dixie’s is located at 479 East 300 South in Salt Lake City.