1 08 2010

Hey Twitter fans, are you getting a little tired of seeing the same basic background themes for your profile pages?

I just put the background image at the bottom of this post up on my Twitter page and it looks pretty dope.  I had it custom designed for me to rep for RSL and your homeboy.  If you want to put it up on your wall too, click the image below.  After it opens up into a new window, right click it and save it to your desktop.

Then, go into your Twitter account and click ‘Settings.’  After the settings options open up, click ‘design’ and then just scroll down until you see where it says ‘change background image.’  Click browse to find the image and save your changes.

If you want to follow updates and get some inside looks at stuff you otherwise can’t see, follow me on Facebook and Twitter.  Also, make sure you follow Kyle Beckerman, Tony Beltran, Andy Williams, and Chris Wingert.




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3 08 2010
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6 08 2010
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