26 07 2010

Well, All-Star week has officially begun. We got in yesterday evening and just hung out at the hotel.  At dinner, I introduced both Javi and Olave to Benihanas who were going for their first time, and needless to say, their plates didn’t need a washing.

This morning, we had a light training in the morning that consisted of some 5 vs. 2 games, some jogging, and light shooting. After practice, we grabbed  lunch and everyone had their own individual appearances to go to. I had to do an All-Star press conference with Dominic Kinner and Schetto.  Later on, we were joined by Ryan giggs and Sir Alex Fergusson.

The appearance was followed by a quick nap and then it was off to my VW appearance to play and interact with the kids at a local park in Houston.

Now it’s finally dinner and off to the All-Star Kick-Off party. Thanks again for all your votes! I can’t wait til Wednesday when we take on Manchester United.  Make sure that you all tune in!




3 responses

26 07 2010

Nice! Two legends, Nick Rimando & Ryan Giggs!!! SICK!!

27 07 2010

Congrats Nick. Enjoy the time.

31 07 2010

When is the meet the team day with the team and the season ticket holders?

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