16 07 2010

I consider myself lucky, if not spoiled, that my typical June morning consisted of watching the World Cup with my wife, kids, and a nice hot cup of coffee. I didn’t think that I’d miss the World Cup this bad… but YES, it’s definitely a bummer knowing that when I wake up, I know I’m going to see Dora and Diego figure something out with the help from her backpack, instead of seeing the world’s most talented soccer players competing in the biggest sporting event that comes around every four years.

However, I don’t miss seeing teams and players suffer from the worst referring I’ve ever seen at a World Cup. With the way things were going for England before half-time against Germany, Lampard’s goal could have very well been a turning point in that match.

This wasn’t the only game where the refs made bad calls though.  As we all saw, the U.S. got stiffed multiple times, only to put it behind them and advance to the round of 16! I do wish that we could have made it a bit further, but I’m happy with the boys’ performance and fight in every game.

The Ghana-Uruguay game was depressing to see the Ghana squad play with everything they had and eventually lose to a team that had luck on their side.  A last minute PK determined the fate of their country… Ghana was 1 kick and 1 hand ball away from being a World Cup semi-finalist.

I was disappointed with a couple of teams and players that I was excited to see… like France and Italy, who are stacked with an all-star cast of players and couldn’t even get out of their group. I also wanted to see the Wayne Rooney we all know and love from the English Premier League, but things weren’t clicking there either. I was stoked for Nelly ( Ryan Nelson) and New Zealand who were the only undefeated team in South Africa.

Even though Argentina did pretty well before getting killed by the Germans, I wanted to see Messi shine like he does at Camp Nou.

The eventual champions, Spain, had a list of players on the bench that could have easily started, but the one guy I wanted to do well couldn’t find his form… Torres slowly faded out of the picture with Mr. David Villa banging the back of the nets.

You all probably know that I wanted the Netherlands to win because my wife was born there and still has ties, but I was happy to see a first time winner with Spain. As a goalkeeper, you love to see a GK with courage, lead his team to a world title and that’s exactly what Iker did.

Despite all the ‘VERY BAD’ goalkeeping in the World Cup, Casillas was the most consistent and entertaining GK throughout the tournament, not to mention his beautiful girlfriend on the sidelines. So, as much as I would have liked the Dutch to have won… congrats, Spain.




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16 07 2010
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20 07 2010

Pretty much my thoughts exactly! Except that Spain was my team from the beginning and I was thrilled to see them pull it together and beat the Orange.

24 07 2010

Backpack, Backpack… backpack, backpack..YEAH!!
Ah, I miss the World Cup.
ps. Try having your kids watch Yo Gabba Gabba. Sounds gay, I know.. but the episode with Jack Black is great. My little 21 month old niece loves the show. YouTube it!

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