25 06 2010

So, I had to write something about this since I love seeing the respect and reactions of USA, World Cup, and soccer fans here in the states.

I know you have all seen this video by now with the powers of Facebook, but it still blows my mind and I get the chills every time I see it. Landon’s over time goal that put the US through to the round of 16 is surely to go down in history.

I was home on the edge of my couch frustrated and thinking of all the bad breaks we took during the first 2 games, and how a referee can single handedly crush a country. Then, in stoppage time, a fantastic throw from Timmy Howard to a breaking Landon, created a dangerous cross from Jozy that made the Gk of Algeria make a good save that wasn’t enough, keeping 80% of bars and homes in the U.S. going absolutely NUTS when LD put in the winner.

My wife, babysitter, and I went crazy as our kids looked at us like we were nuts ourselves. It feels like yesterday when I got my first taste of what the World Cup was about.

I can recall every Spanish channel covering the Mexico ‘86 games as my family watched. Even though I didn’t understand,  I would cheer for any goal and didn’t care who won. Now, I find myself glued to the TV in the morning and watching every news and ESPN highlight that comes on the entire day.

Ten years ago, I would of never thought soccer would get this much coverage, but with the growth of the sport in the states and the accomplishments of the U.S. Soccer Team, I can now understand what they are saying on the TV and know why I’m cheering for my country.

Soccer in America is here to stay and is only going to get better.




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25 06 2010

Absolutely, Nick. It’s a joy to see – I’m even a relative newcomer to it all and I’m completely enthralled. Even if I have to (because of work) resort to frantically updating matchcast type things on various websites.

That said, it may have been a smaller scale, but I will forever hold fond memories of my wife, best friends and I sitting in a living room in Sandy (because we couldn’t afford the trip to Seattle) watching you guys take on the Galaxy. And when Robbie’s shot went in, the jubilation that followed was kinda similar to the other day. Yes, I know it’s not the same scale, but damn if it didn’t feel so sweet.

Thanks for being such a great guy and and awesome keeper. We love ya!

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