15 06 2010

So as you saw on my video, I have some game day habits, and now I am asking all of you HOMEBOY fans to join me in a new habit. VOTE DAILY FOR MY FRIENDS AT HEART 2 HOME!

We have worked with Heart 2 Home Foundation and they’re now entered into a contest that if they win can make some big changes for families and children here in Utah. Having already made the finals, the prize of $100,000 is in reach with all of your help.

I know you have seen or heard of them… They are the Utah Home Makeover group that work with families that have been through some very tough times. Heart 2 Home will either knock their homes completely down and rebuild, or refurbish as they did for Stacey Hansen so he could come home to his house after the Trolley Square shooting and adjust to his new way of life in a wheelchair.

Their latest families include the Grove’s who had their home condemned by black mold and sick children, as well as the Kuester’s who lost their daughter from Swine Flu and had their home burn down just two weeks later.

Pretty amazing what this foundation has done for these families and the difference these homes have made in their lives. They have some great ideas that would help more than just one family if this win became a reality.

To vote, go to and click on Mountain Region. You can vote daily, and after winning, we can all volunteer on this amazing project and show again why Utah has the best MLS Fans in the league.




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