1 06 2010

CONGRATULATIONS to the Northern United Futbol Club!  They are the winners of the Nick Is My Homeboy team photo Contest.

I will be on contact with you guys to set up a personal training session for your entire team.

Also, your goalie will get a signed pair of my NIKE goalie gloves at our training session.  Again, congrats to the Northern United Futbol Club and way to REPRESENT NIMH!




4 responses

2 06 2010

Congrats Northern United! My little brothers team!! You guys are a great team! I am glad that I know all of you!

2 06 2010
Coach D

GO Northern United FC 99 Premier!!!! Great end of the season team and what a great way to top it off! Thanks to Nate our Keeper and Paula (his mom) for setting this all up! And a special thanks to Nick!

2 06 2010
Debbie W

Great Job Northern United Premier 99. You are all awesome! We are looking forward to a great season!

2 06 2010
Leann J.

Hey Thunder!!! You guys are awesome. What a great way to start a new season by hanging with your homeboy, Nick Rimando!!! Have a great time! We love each and every one of you guys!!

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