30 04 2010

Hey guys, one of my favorite restaurants Pinon is going to start repping both Real Salt Lake and Nick Is My Homeboy.  Pinon, a great neighborhood restaurant, has always treated me extremely well since I started eating there.

Every time I come in, I get my sandwich on sourdough bread… they know I am coming in every gameday and even make sure that they have my specific type of bread set aside if they start to run low.

One time when my wife went in to order the sandwich for me, Victoria the owner, told her that’s not what I usually got and changed the order for me to make sure I got taken care of.

From now on, the entire staff will be wearing NIMH shirts on every RSL gameday.  Now, anyone who comes in wearing either NIMH or RSL attire, will get a 5% off discount on their sandwich.

Also, every time I go in for lunch, I get The Cobb sandwich… Well, now they are renaming The Cobb to The Rimando.

Make sure you guys hit up Pinon and on gamedays… just make sure you’re wearing RSL or NIMH gear!  Maybe I will even see you there!




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30 04 2010

I went in there to enter the drawing for your jersey and they are truly nice people! Had a great conversation with one of the ladies about what a class act you are ;o)

1 05 2010
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2 05 2010
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6 05 2010
Nussdorfer AC

I just started going there since your last drawing. It’s a great sandwhich place.

8 05 2010


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