8 04 2010

Hey guys, here is your first chance to get one of my used and signed jerseys…

As you all know, I am a big fan of Pinon Market & Cafe and am a frequent customer.  I am going to team up with them to celebrate our first home match of the season against the Seattle Sounders this Saturday night.

For a chance to win my jersey, go to Pinon Market & Cafe wearing either Nick Is My Homeboy or Real Salt Lake gear and your name will be entered into a drawing for my jersey.  You gotta be wearing RSL stuff to enter!

Not only will you have a shot at winning the jersey, you will also get a 10% off discount when you’re in RSL or NIMH gear.  So, go down today and tomorrow to enter in the drawing and grab a tasty bite to eat.

Pinon is located at:

2095 E. 1300 S.

Salt Lake City, UT  84108




12 responses

8 04 2010
Julie H


8 04 2010

No love for us in Ogden huh? First the front office didn’t bother to come north during their thing on Monday. Plenty of fans up here that would like a chance.

8 04 2010
Andrew E

can we go 3 meals a day and keep entering?

8 04 2010

Nathan, you do know the team is called Real Salt Lake, right? I don’t complain because I don’t get in on promotions from Utah State, because I don’t live there. Come to Salt Lake if you want to do things. I am out in Tooele, and we make the drive to participate.

8 04 2010
Jonny Utah

Did he misspell the name of the place just to throw people off?

8 04 2010

SOrry correct spelling is PINON

8 04 2010


10 04 2010

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

11 04 2010
Julie H

Who won the jersey?

13 04 2010

Who won?

13 04 2010

Well, no phone call, so I guess it was not me. Bummer

13 04 2010
Julie H

Im going up there today to take the nice owner a schedule…I will ask. There couldnt have been that many of us on this list and I know three of us didnt get a call. lol.

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