18 03 2010

So, when you’re on the road a lot and hotels become your new home, there’s very little to do.

To us soccer players, three things usually keep us happy… that’s playing video games, geeking out on the computer, or watching T.V.

This year, I found myself on the computer a lot messing around on my blog, looking for cars, checking out the latest fashion, writing emails, and ichatting with my family. Once that got old, all eyes turned to the TV. I’m a avid watcher of 24, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, ESPN, MTV, and lately, HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA on HBO. It’s such a cool show that brings a lot together… fashion, art, skateboarding, New York, tons of beautiful people, and a cool cast such as Kid Cudi, Eddie Kaye Thomas a.k.a. Paul FInch, Lake Bell, and Shannyn Sossamon.

Follow Ben (played by Bryan Greenberg) and Cam (played by Victor Rasuk)  on their adventures through NY that will sure to make you laugh. The title says it all… young dudes trying to hustle their way to the top by using their street knowledge and connections.  Their way… DENIM, one of my guilty pleasures. 😉

Check it out Sundays at 10pm on HBO.




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31 03 2010
John Chop

A short bio of Victor Rasuk, who is cam calderon on hbo’s “how to make it in america”

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