12 03 2010

I just wanted to give a shout out to Alecko and wish the best on his next adventure. With numerous visits to the doctors and advice from specialists, Alecko is taking an indefinite leave from the game.

Multiple concussions have stepped in and are taking their toll on the once headgear wearing forward. Alecko was a rookie when he joined me at DC United and was a pleasure to play with. I will remember a lot of great times, but the one that will always stick out in my mind is winning the 2004 MLS Cup!  Sorry for not letting you have another ring last year, but at least one of us will being wearing it.

We had the pleasure of housing Alecko when he was traded to Real Salt Lake where he was thrown in the basement and we made him our official dog walker. I know it sounds bad, but in return we taught him how to make guacamole, clean his bathroom, and dress in something other than his cargo denim sweatpants.

Alecko’s eyes were definitely opened on the new way of life in SLC, but as always, he adjusted well and fit in perfect.  If you knew him off the field, then you would know he’s one of the funniest, caring, giving, and loyal friends,  so thanks buddy for the good times.




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12 03 2010

That’s too bad. I always liked him. I’ll never forget his performance in the 2004 MLS Cup Final. He took the game into his own hands and produced one of the most determined, gutsy, and deadly performances I’ve ever seen.

We never quite saw that form from Esky in SLC, but he was an honest player who always played with a lot of heart.

13 03 2010

I have the large banner that hung at Rice-Eccles for Alecko. I always enjoyed watching him play. I will miss him and wigh him the best.

13 03 2010

Thank you Nick. You and Jac definitely taught me a lot in my time living in your basement. Definitely had fun with you guys in SLC and look forward to heading back there at some point to visit. But lets get one thing straight though… you LOVED my fake cargo jean sweatpants.

14 03 2010
Brian Wooton

Agreed. I miss you both in DC.

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