23 02 2010

After the long trip, starting with a wake up at 6am and a short layover in Dallas, we arrived in Tampa to a warm reception from fans and TV crews.

It was a short trip to the hotel where we settled, got treatment, and watched the USA  hockey team put it on Canada. Monday, we resumed training at USF, got the flight out of our system and had a brief meeting about the lead up to EL Salvador. The weather here is beautiful and from the sound of it, there’s going to be a nice crowd on Wednesday.

Robbie, Kyle, and I are doing well and doing everything we can to continue this journey. We’ve enjoyed our time here but can’t wait to see the guys and get back to training with RSL. We miss our families and girlfriends very much but this is a time of year where they all understand we need to be away and put the work in.

We have one more training today at the stadium to prepare for the match, and then it’s a relaxing day at the hotel to focus and get the body ready for Wednesday night. We still don’t know the line up or roster for the game but keep your fingers crossed and thanks again for all of your support!




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23 02 2010

Good luck Nick! Go USA!

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