23 02 2010

Tuesday’s one of my favorite days of the week because NEW MUSIC comes out.

Usually during the season, I’ll get up with Jett, start the coffee and sort out some food, and then it’s straight to the computer to see whats HOT! I am an avid reader of Rolling Stone, Inked Magazine, and a handful of gossip magazines… so I’m pretty in tune with what’s coming out and what to listen for, and I definitely like to be my on judge when it comes to music.

The downloading begins when Jett takes his first bite of pannntake (pancake) or waffoooll (waffle)… then it’s synced straight to my ipod for the ride to the stadium.

This Tuesday’s a bit different as my kid(s) are in SLC. I can’t bring my computer to breakfast and there’s no rush to practice. I’m here relaxing at the Hyatt til we depart for training at 4:30. That means that I have a lot of time to listen to new music… and bad news for my itunes account.

Starting now, every Tuesday, I’m going to give you my choice of the day and what I’ll be downloading. Today, I’ll be downloading Alkaline Trio’s 7th album “This Addiction.” Not just because they had a cameo in “The Hills,” (one of my favorite shows) but because it’s their first album to come out on their own label, Heart and Skull.

Their new label is a joint venture with Epitaph Records, so you know they’re gonna bring after returning with Matt Allison, who produced the band’s first three landmark albums.  Skiba says in Inked Magazine, “We wrote our songs relatively quick back in the day, and that’s exactly what we did this time around.” Skiba went on to say, “We wanted to make a classic Alkaline Trio record that was fun to listen to hopefully has some depth to it.”  I’M SOLD.

As you heard before on one of my posts, I’m a huge fan of Phoenix, so you know I’m downloading the “iTunes Live from SoHo- EP.”  I’m also downloading the new single from Nas & Damian “JR. GONG” Marley antitled “As We Enter.” This song is FIRE!!!! It’s definitely going to be on my pre-game mix.

Happy Downloading!




One response

9 03 2010

This album was is really good, I am still listening to it. Definitely get back to there roots. It’s always good to see another Alkaline trio fan.

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