18 02 2010

Word at camp, not only from Perkins and Thorton, is that these new Adidas Jabulani MLS balls MOVE! Its like a “beach ball” says one GK. Defenders even say the ball goes and judging them is pretty tough.

I remember when balls were true (Tango) when you kicked them… now they have tons of movement and when they’re wet they really dip and rise.

This could be fantastic for the offensive side of the game but trouble for the defensive, especially for the GK who normally gets blamed by the fan who has never played a lick of soccer.

Not having played with it yet, but knowing what BIG changes balls have year to year, I have a feeling there’s going to a HUGE jump in goals this year. This obviously is great for the spectator and excitement of the game, but terrible for the the players that work so hard to keep those balls out.

Guess that means lots of practice with Jabulani before the season starts. See you in Phoenix, Jabulani.




2 responses

19 02 2010

what do you mean see you in phx? you leaving USMNT camp?

19 02 2010

We might me the team down in PHX after the El Salvador game for a couple days.

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