17 02 2010

Hey guys, last week some of you sent me some questions over Facebook to ask Robbie Findley.  Here’s the interview I had with Robbie…

Salt Lake Favorites?
-Breakfast? Eggs in the City
-Lunch? Tony Caputos/Toasters
-Dinner? Canellas/indochine/Takashi
-Shop? Nordstrom
-To get your hair did?  Salon Lydia
-Relax? My house
-Go out? Circle Lounge

What are you looking forward to this season? Improving in the regular season and winning championship #2
What was your offseason like? Enjoyed the championship for a while. Went home to visit family and friends and then back to offseason workouts.
What’s on your playlist right now? Lil Wayne/Drake
What cd/mp3 would people be surprise you own? Jack Johnson
If you weren’t playing soccer what would you be doing? Hopefully playing another sport
You’re always wearing socks, even with sandals. Do you have bad looking feet? It’s just comfortable to me… my feet aren’t that pretty either ha
A lot of guys on the team think your the best dressed… I have to disagree, but where does your style come from? Were you always into fashion? My girlfriend is really into fashion and she helps me out
Favorite concert? Worst? Favorite- snoop…..haven’t seen a bad concert
Most memorable goal you have ever scored? The equalizer in the MLS Cup
Last movie you went to see? The book of Eli
Favorite song/movie? Money to Blow & Drake/Lil Wayne/Birdman.  Movie- The Hangover
If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role of you? Will Smith

If you were a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be? I would want to be invisible

What makes you angry? When I don’t eat
What’s the most important part of a sandwich? I would have to say the bread
3 words to describe yourself? Humble, quiet, and funny
3 things you couldn’t live without? God, family and friends
Ever think of spicing up your goal celebrations?  I think their kinda boring…  I’m not big into celebrations even though I like seeing them. Like I said, I’m quiet and I’m good with what I do.
Best defender in MLS? Jamison Olave

What’s your favorite cartoon? Family Guy
What tattoo means the most to you? My right arm sleeve…it has a religious theme
Which tattoo of mine do you like the most? I would have to say the one of Jett
If Robbie could influence anyone to come to the club as a designated player, who would he choose? I would choose Wayne Rooney. It would be great to play with a player of that caliber

Have any big clubs shown interest in him since his first cap with the U.S.? No clubs that I know of




4 responses

17 02 2010
Dave Geurts

Hell ya, awesome interview. LoL I would love to see Will Smith in a soccer movie… that could get ugly!!! I guess they can do alot with computers these days tho.

17 02 2010
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17 02 2010
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16 05 2010

Um pretty impressed nicky wow ur pretty good at interviewing.. and yes robbie opening up so much is funny lol loves ya robbie aka “mr J.”

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