16 02 2010

A familiar face on the national team staff is chiropractor George Billauer.

Ever since I first got involved with the national team or playing against an LA team, George is sure to be there to align you. George works magic with his hands but it’s his son Jesse that’s been motivating lives across the world.

If you guys don’t already know the story of Jesse Billauer, I recommend you checking out his website at to see what he’s all about.

Good morning America, Dateline NBC, and Extreme Makeover to name a few, already did pieces on him but it’s what he’s doing that’s really touching the lives of those that are affected by spinal cord injuries (SCI). Peep out his foundation, Life Rolls On, at to see how you can help. Also, to rock his new clothing line, you can go to and click on the wear JB.

There is some pretty dope stuff on there so make sure you check it out! Lastly, if you’re in the LA area on Feb 27th, Jesse’s teaming up with Jason Mraz for a night of music at the Long Beach Terrance Theater to support Jesse’s Motivational Speaking Tour.




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