14 02 2010

I think every girl always dreams of that sparkling diamond ring on V-day, but here’s some good last minute ideas I’ve been lucky with that don’t break the bank.

Everyone loves a ipod and there are tons of ways to pod someone… there’s the shuffle, nano, classic, and touch. I’d go with their favorite color or red and then engrave something special on it.  Girls love to be pampered so spa days are great. Heres one of my wife’s favorite place to go… Kura Door (www.thekuradoor.com) in the avenues. Anything from Hip and Humble around the 9th and 9th would put a smile on their face. Tons of small to big gifts and a very cool staff.

If you take your wife/girlfriend out for dinner, Takashi on Market St.,  Pago at 9th & 9th,  Fresco and Paris at 15th & 15th are all amazing. You might be a little hungry after Paris and Fresco but that’s nothing Cold Stone cant handle.

If a movie was in mind, “Valentines Day” with a cast of actors would be the best choice. I actually want to see this movie with or without my wife.

If you have kids give your wife a break get up, feed and bath them the entire day. That goes a long way!  Flowers are easy but they don’t show a lot of effort in the gift and they don’t last long… but they still do mean a lot to women… your choice there.

Last thing, don’t forget to say those 3 words… I LOVE YOU….. well only if you mean it.  😉




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