12 02 2010

So with the NBA ALL-Star Game around the corner, here are my picks for all the events…

Celebrity Game – I’m going with whatever team T.O. is on. Last year, he showed that passing isn’t apart of his game on or off the football field. With 17 points and the MVP honors a year ago, I’m sure with a return to Dallas, he’s not going to disappoint.
Rookie Challenge– Easy one here… I’m going with the Sophomores. They have won the last 7 and with O.J. Mayo, Beasley, Kevin Love, and Westbrook on the roster, I’m sure the streak goes to 8.
Horse – This is a tough one as Durant is a beast and defending 2009 Champ… but I think Rondo is gonna bring his HORSE game. I’m going with RONDO.
Shooting Stars – Not sure on this one, but I think TEAM ATLANTA is going to take this one.
Skills Challenge – When you look at all that’s involved in the skills challenge… the dribbling, passing, and shooting… and then look at the competitors… Jennings, Nash, Rose, and Williams… they all have it. Nash is the veteran with plenty of experience, but I think either Rose or Williams is gonna take this one.
3 Point Contest – Going with the rookie Stephen Curry.
Slam Dunk Contest – It was fun watching Nate Robinson take the title against Dwight Howard but seeing Shannon Brown Consistently jump out of arenas is going to keep me glued to the TV on this competition. I know he’s a Laker, but even if he wasn’t on my team, he’d still be fun to watch.
ALL-STAR GAME – Easy, the EAST has way more weapons on their side.



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