7 02 2010

Hey guys, the FIFA Tourney on Saturday was definitely a good time.  It was great to come down to the stadium and see all of the continued support to RSL, soccer, FIFA, and food!

Everyone seemed to be having as good of a time as I was.  Seeing so many people decked out in NIMH gear, from babies to grownups, was pretty rad.

I got in a round or two of some Guitar Hero during Saturday’s tourney and had a good time visiting with all of the loyal fans for a couple of hours.

Next time RSL holds another XBOX tourney, I promise that I am going to jump in… even if it means that I get knocked out in the first round by a 10 year-old!




2 responses

9 02 2010
John Ragsdale

I have been running a gk academy in the slc area for a bunch of years.I work with Maas with ODP and other programs…good times.The reason I wanted to contact you was to see if you would be interested in meeting with me to talk about the gkers in my academy and the clubs I work with.Let me know if you would like to get together.Good stuff on the pitch!Thanks.

John Ragsdale
Wasatch Goalkeeper Academy

9 02 2010
John Ragsdale

NICK.sorry,I do things like that sometimes.J.Ragsdale-W.G.A.

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