12 01 2010

Help my boy Chris Wingert in getting the top prize! If you find it within yourself and can contribute please do, its only $10.00 and for the big ballas the limit is yours…

As of now, Kristine Lilly is dominating both categories and can take home the $20,000 grand prize? But with your help Chris Wingert can dethrone the top-seed. There are plenty of huge names in this race but what more would it mean if one of ours wins. Two championships for Chris in less then 3 months would be DOPE!  Heres a direct web address to donate!

Please support CHRIS and Rural Ghana Children’s Aid by donating!

After nearly a month of stiff competition, 55 top athletes have fought the good fight to raise over $100,000 for charity. However, sports fans know that the most compelling and crucial moment of every competition is the homestretch. Whether its Manning leading the Colts to a game winning touchdown or Kobe making yet another buzzer beater, great athletes make a name for themselves in the final moments of a game.

With just a few donors separating the winners and the losers, your support could be just what your favorite athlete needs. Between now and Friday, January 15th, to donate or see which athletes have what it takes to finish the race strong and raise the most money for their cause.

Why Act Now? Ever wish for a miracle when your team is down big? Well, today (Jan.12) is a bonus day – when the athletes who raise the most money and unique donors on that day will earn an additional $500. That means your $10 donation could put your favorite athlete over the top!




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12 01 2010

Nick, is there anyway to let us know if Jean Alexandre was in Haiti during the earthquake? The boys in Nat’s camp should think about a charity match to raise money for the victims.

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