Your Homeboy Q&A

9 12 2009

Hey guys, the blog has only been up and running about a week and I wanted to let you know that I appreciate all of the positive comments and feedback I receive everyday from many of you.

From now on, every Friday, I am going to answer a question or two from a fan in a blog post.  Ask me anything that you may want to know about myself… pre-game rituals, my life growing up, experiences I’ve had in the MLS, etc.  If you have questions, post them as a comment in this blog post and I will hit you back on Friday!




13 responses

9 12 2009

How do you feel about living in Salt Lake? Is it a place that you enjoy living in and would you like to stay here after your long and successful career with RSL comes to an end? Or would you rather sell Real Estate in Florida?

9 12 2009
Morgan R.

What was going through your head before starting the shoot out against LA in the MLS cup?

9 12 2009

When you were a kid, playing soccer, did you ever imagine winning a championship game? When did you begin to realize that dream just might become a reality, and how did it feel? I’m interested in visualization, and what happens when something we’ve been visualizing becomes REAL!

this is on behalf of our kids and future soccer players, ski racers, and other sports-kids everywhere 🙂

9 12 2009

What is the most memorable part of winning the MLS cup? We love u, and we’d like u to stay around for awhile. Are u planning to stay with Real Salt Lake for a few years or maybe a career?

9 12 2009

I see that you like AFI, Rise Against, and Rancid. Ever listen to NOFX or Bad Religion? They’re two of my favorite bands of all time.
You rock brutha. Can’t wait for next season!
p.s. I too would like to know what you think about living in Utah (regarding “Corey’s” question). I’ve lived in a few cities throughout the US and I really dig Salt Lake. I think Utah gets a bad rap. . .

9 12 2009

Can you give a brief overview of the grounds? I am really intrigued….

9 12 2009

i agree i would love to hear about the grounds and when you think it will be open. im super excited to get a good team in one of the leagues!

9 12 2009


What are your favorite restaurants in the Salt Lake City area? Also, after one of the home games you rode off on a tricycle afterwards. What was that all about? We thought it was pretty funny.

9 12 2009

I noticed that whenever there is a public event related to Real you are almost always there, and pretty much the only Real player that is there. Is that because you enjoy coming out and interacting with the fans, or because they ask you to?

9 12 2009

In about 25 years when you retire, will you tell us what your secret is to blocking PKs? How’d you get so good at them? I’m pretty sure that Landon Donovan took a dump in his trousers as he was walking up to the spot in Seattle because he knew he was going to have to face you…

9 12 2009

What’s the story behind your stalkers in DC?

10 12 2009

Nick, do you like the band 311? What are some of your favorite bands?

11 12 2009
Jack Frost

what are your top 3 fav tv shows and top 3 fav movies?

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