AFI @ In The Venue Tonight!

8 12 2009

Headed down to the AFI show tonight, if your going wear you NIMH shirts. These guys really put on a good show and Davey has some of the best stage antics I have ever seen. A lot different sound from their older stuff but way good! To check them out online, go to

Show starts @8 at In the Venue. Saw them last year at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas with Rise Against, Offspring, Muse, 311 and many others but these guys really stood out! Pumped to hear their new stuff live off their newest album Crash.




2 responses

9 12 2009

Weak. I had no idea they were coming. I’ve seen them a few times now and they are great live. Although the style has changed, I still really like it.

9 12 2009
Allez RSL

They were better before they changed. I still break out Very Proud of Ya every now and then for some nostalgia, but I’ve never considered purchasing (or even stealing) anything they released after 1999.

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